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At Pamir Home Care, we invest in wide ranging training programmes which encompass every aspect of client services. That means each carer is equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding to deliver an unmatched standard of care.

We regularly update our training modules in order to ensure that our carers’ skill set can continue to grow, and you can also rely on Pamir to deliver services in a multiple of different languages – including English, Arabic, Hindi, Farsi/Dari, Polish, Russian, Urdu and French.

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Expert Team

Quality Assurance

Diversity in Carers

Ongoing Support

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Pamir Homecare is committed to the provision of quality service and understands the importance of service quality based on individual needs and we maintain inclusive quality assurance procedures, which are regularly assessed and monitored by our professional management team.

Care Workers

Pamir Homcare workers are at the heart of our service delivery and are compliant with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) requirements.

Staff Training

Pamir Homecare realises the significance of continuous training and development in the caring of other people’s lives. Training is a key part of Pamir Homecare services and therefore our courses are intended to be adaptable, reputable, comprehensible and affordable.

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