Social Support

At Pamir Home Care, we believe that a vital part of providing support to people comes from those around them. Our Social Support packages are designed to benefit the emotional well-being of both our clients and their loved ones. We build meaningful relationships which can engender happiness, independence and wellbeing.

The way we build relationships as part of our Social Support offering can encompass a wide range of areas – many of them are fun, some are educational, others involve being physically active. We can help teach new skills, such as learning about digital devices such as smartphones and computers.

Our companionship means that our carers are there to accompany people for recreational activities such as the theatre and social or community group meetings. We also have a range of fun game options which are not physically demanding.

While travel has the potential to be exhausting for people, it can also be very rewarding in a number of ways. Pamir Home Care offers travel companionship as part of its Social Support packages, offering a trusted carer to join clients on trips in the local area, region, or even nationally and internationally. With travel made easier, our clients are able to take advantage of more opportunities to see friends and families, or visit new places.

Pets can make great companions, but they can also be a lot of hard work. The Pamir Home Care team is able to lend a hand when it comes to looking after pets; taking them from walks with our clients, or alone as requested. We can also ensure feeding is done on time, and arrange any visits to vets.

The Pamir Home Care team are experienced professionals who have been trained to the highest standards. We believe in constantly updating our training modules to ensure that our carers have all the skills which they need to deliver a fantastic service. Our team is headed up by an experienced Manager with over 25 years experience in home care, and he supervises the details of all our offerings to ensure that we continue to satisfy our clients.

Pamir Home Care can offer Social Support to a multi-cultural client base, thanks to our multi-lingual team which is able to speak languages including Arabic, Hindi, Farsi/Dari, Polish, Russian, Urdu and French, as well as English.

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