Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation from an injury or a medical procedure can be a challenging time. At Pamir Home Care, we have designed a Rehabilitation Services offering which provides our clients with the home care and support they need to concentrate on their recovery, including assistance with many aspects of daily life.

Pamir Home Care offers a full range of rehabilitation services as part of home care for elderly people. This includes skilled nursing which can provide the benefits of a medical professional working in their own home. We can also provide physical therapy services at home, allowing recovery to be progressed at a pace which is comfortable to our clients, without them having to attend a medical facility. Speech therapy is another part of the service which we can provide on request.

Our specialist team of rehabilitation carers are trained in areas such as pulmonary rehabilitation and cardiac rehabilitation, and we are also adept at implementing fall prevention programmes which can help decrease the risk of accidents.

Pamir Home Care has always believed that training is absolutely vital in keeping up an outstanding level of client services. Our vetted team of experienced carers are constantly developing their skill sets thanks to our wide ranging training programmes which ensure that we continue raising the bar for home care. For people who speak languages other than English, we offer the advantage of carers who are comfortable communicating in languages including Arabic, Hindi, Farsi/Dari, Polish, Russian, Urdu and French.

The senior management at Pamir Home Care are involved at every level, including client relations and ensuring that elderly people are provided with the very best service. Our registered Manager possesses 25 years experience in home care, and personally checks and supervises the details of the Rehabilitation Services which we provide, for the purpose of maintaining the standards which we are recognised for.

You can call us any time on 0208 9075324 – our friendly team will be happy to answer your questions on our Rehabilitation Services, or any other Pamir Home Care offering.

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